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Families often outgrow their homes. Kids are growing up and need their own rooms. A home office is needed. The in-laws are moving in. We want to add a media room, or a wine cellar, or a gym, or a master suite. We want more space and we would like more open space.

There are many reasons homeowners decide to add to their homes rather than relocate to a larger house; the neighborhood they live in, the school district the home ‘belongs’ to, the commute to work or the view from the windows may all play a part in the decision. Besides, moving means spending a lot of money on the real estate transaction (as opposed to on your home). It also means having to contend with finding what you are looking for in a market with limited inventory of affordable and attractive homes.

No wonder most people opt for the remodeling option – they add to their existing home rather than move!

To be successful, a significant addition to the house must be competently designed, intelligently spec’d, expertly built and competitively priced.

A well-designed addition is one that seamlessly integrates into the home – both externally and internally.

From the outside, the home should not look like it was added to. Rather, it should look organically whole.

From the inside, the floor plan and flow should be natural, sensible and uniform in style. Your addition project should be properly designed, expertly built, sensibly spec’d and competitively priced. It should also be completed timely and be on budget.

We have literally completed, with spectacular success, thousands of major remodeling projects to date. We have the experience, knowhow, and expertise, design ‘chops’ and customer-centered approach to make your project a success as well. Our A+ rating with the BBB (their highest) and long list of enthused clients, along with a long list of media features and awards we garnered through the years, are all a testament to our unwavering commitment to our clients’ best interests and to our consistent ability to deliver, competitively-priced complete projects – on time and on budget. In fact, we guarantee we’ll do exactly that!

As a design-build firm, we should be brought onboard at the very early stages of the design phase of your project. We can help with the design, with cost analysis and with feasibility studies. We can assemble the team needed to secure city approvals and to do your work – on time and on budget.

We will gladly answer your questions and do our best to help even if you already have another builder engaged.

Please feel free to contact us for initial cost and feasibility consultation, or if you already have plans – to get a competitive bid from a top-tier builder.