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Custom Homes

We all heard the saying “they don’t build them like they used to anymore”, referring to how homes today are not built like homes of yesteryear. This saying is absolutely true! Homes today are built FAR better than the way homes were built previously – at any time in history.

Homes today will withstand earthquakes and high winds better, will have better indoor air quality, will consume less resources to be built and will use less energy to operate, not to mention the larger spaces, better layout, added light, better fixtures, appliances, and so forth.

Homes today are also far more complex than they used to be, even when compared to homes built a little as 5-10 years ago. Automation, energy-sensitive systems, ‘smart’ fixtures (plumbing/electrical/etc.) and appliances, media and distribution options, just to name a few – all demand knowhow, expertise and experience not readily found amongst production builders and remodeling contractors and, regrettably, sorely lacking among some custom home builders as well.

A custom home should reflect the owners’ tastes and life style, be optimized to the lot it is being built on, be designed and built to owners’ budget, meet the highest specs, be compatible with its neighborhood and be a great place for the family to live, entertain and see the kids grow in. That’s a very tall order indeed.

We have completed out first hi-end custom home in June 91’ (yes, that long ago). That particular, magnificent and complex home was featured in the Los Angeles Times Home Tour that year and won an AIA award.
Many years have passed since we built that first large-scale, hi-end custom home. Many years in which we have relentlessly garnered more knowhow, experience, expertise and enthused clients.

Our A+ rating with the BBB (their highest) and long list of enthused clients, along with a long list of media features and awards we garnered through the years, are all a testament to our unwavering commitment to our clients’ best interests and to our consistent ability to deliver, competitively-priced complete projects – on time and on budget. In fact, we guarantee we’ll do exactly that!

As a design-build firm, we should be brought onboard at the very early stages of the design phase your project. We can help with the design, with cost analysis and with feasibility studies. We can assemble the team needed to secure city approvals and to build your home – on time and on budget.

We will gladly answer your questions and do our best to help even if you already have another builder engaged.

Please feel free to contact us for initial cost and feasibility consultation, or if you already have plans – to get a competitive bid from a top-tier builder.