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Solar Panel Installation

Solar panel installation is a great way to utilize the sun's energy and convert it into significant, long lasting savings. For your solar investment to be successful though, you will need to get your system installed for a great price, you will need your system to be optimally designed and put together and you will need to avoid the all-too-common problem associated with solar power panels installed on roofs, which is roof leaks.

We are a licensed and certified solar company. We are also licensed builders, roofers and 'green' building specialists. Of the many solar installers Los Angeles has to offer, few (if any) can offer you what we provide to each and every one of our clients: a review of all the building elements, as they relate to energy savings, structural and seismic considerations, roof leak avoidance and architectural considerations. Our prices are unbeatable too.

With a top BBB rating (A+), with close to 9000 completed projects, with many local and national media stories, recognition and awards and with clients who are raving fans of our company, you know we are not your run of the mill contractor. We are as dedicated to making our clients happy as we are to being brutally competitive in the marketplace. But solar power installations are about more than just a low price. Poorly and sloppily designed systems are endemic in this industry, as are leaks in roofs that are the result of careless installs. Over-sized systems that increase your 'price of admission' to the world of solar power are all too common as well. Fetching a higher system cost, over-sized systems are great for the solar company but are terrible for your return on investment.

We will help you explore ways to decrease your energy bills before you spend a single dollar on the solar system. We will than design a common sense solar system tailored specifically to your needs, location and home. A system that will pay for itself sooner than other systems would.

We will also pay attention to the look of the system. Cheap power is great, but so is a nice looking home.

Give us a call for a complete review and audit of your energy consumption and of your property for best type, size, location for your solar system.

For a limited time, we waive our charge for this service. Call us today!